Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Find a Homestead

This blog is more of an auto-biographical, learn as we go, this is my experience kinda journal. So please don't think I'm presenting myself as the Joel Salitan of homesteading, or Les Stroud of wilderness skills. I'm not. I'm just a student wishing to know more. Due to bad decisions, frequent job changes, an attempt to change careers mid career, grow disillusioned and then quit without notice, add the current economy and unemployment rate, and you get a situation that has made me pretty undesirable to employers. Despite my skills.
I've always had the desire in me to farm, naturally. To live in harmony with nature and coop with it. I've never had the desire to divide and conquer it. Rather to live in peace with it, and what ever it gives me and my family, and anything extra to sell at market. I do not wish to stuff pastures full of beef or broiler houses full of hens.