Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going off the Grid, in Georgia

Georgia presents it's own unique challenges for going off the grid, but I also think it may offer it's own advantages. Coastal Georgia has an abundance of sunny days and ocean breezes that could be harnessed for solar and wind energy. But what about the interior, or mountain regions? We are currently scouting out land in the northern Georgia area for our possible homestead sight. I need to figure out what would be best. land with hills, flat, open, tree cover, water access, maybe all of that? Is Georgia just too hot for off the grid living? Then again, they were off the grid longer than most of the country. You need to employ the passive home building technology that was lost when air conditioning was invented. Think Dog Trots, wrap around porches, pyramid roofs, angling the house away from direct sunlight, placing the home in the path of prevailing winds, ect. It can be done. Then you add today's sustainable technology and you're off to the races. We have a few options, but fewer than perfect since we don't have unlimited funds, but more than many. We can either buy land and put up a home, or buy land with a home and green up the existing home, or buy land with a decent trailer and built our dream home later or over time, or buy land, a trailer, build our home and sell the trailer. Build our own home or have it built? Prefab or local builder?

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