Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When You Buy a Home in the Country......Expect the Unexpected

It would have been nice if Joseph had gone ahead and let us know that the power for the pump house, for what ever reason, runs over to the out building, through the out building, and then over to the pump house. It pretty much runs around the entire yard before finding it's way to the pump house to power our well. But let me back up. When ever I dig outside I'm always finding random wiring and lots of glass, and rusty nails. Some wiring is old and just sticking out of the ground, uncapped. The other day, while working on grading the back, I dug up a wire. I discovered that it's the wire that comes out from the laundry room, and runs straight into the side wall of the out buildings, where it is connected to a junction box. We figured, they where just trying to run power off the house to the shed without having to pay the separate metering service. So today my husband decides at the height of day, and after I've only slept a few hours, to start making a huge racket with the tool box and commence work on disconnecting the wire, which was harmlessly exposed above the dirt. To be fair, it was only buried 1" under the ground, not 12" like it 's supposed to be. But is anything as it's supposed to be out here? Oh and it's 93 degrees out, and full sun. The perfect time of day to start a project of this nature, don't you think? So he fools around with the wire for an hour, and when he finally cuts and yanks it all out, and turns the power on, no water. In fact, while he was working I tried to water my garden and had no water. I said do I no have water because the power's off? This should have been a clue for us. Then I remembered digging up a wire heading from the pump house towards the out building in a different direction while digging up that stupid ornamental grass heap. Now it all makes sense, but now we have no water anywhere! I'm up before I'm ready, can't make coffee, it's hot out, my "don't know when to stop" husband is out there trying to rewire the pump back the way it was, and I'm trying to figure out why the hell the pump is wired via the stupid out building?! I hate this country rigged crap. I'll have to dig up the other wire, yank it all out from the out building and run a line straight to the pump house from the house. Geez, why is everything so complicated when idiots run wiring? It would have been nice if Joseph had mentions this schematic, since him and his daddy, who thinks he's an electrician rewired the entire house without permit! Don't get me started.

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