Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Year, New Name, New Game

The past year has been a real awakening and learning experience. I moved onto this property with grandiose ideas of homesteading and off the grid living. While I still have plenty of grandiose dreams and ideas to spare, I've had to learn the painful reality of being real with my self and who I am. I'm a dreamer to be sure, and ambitious in that respect. But I'm also lacking in focus, energy and free time. Though this introspection and process of being honest with myself was painful, I have come to instead of beating myself up for not being Homesteader of the Year material, to focusing on my strengths and negotiating with my weakness and forming a more do-able plan, while still working with my weakness like distractibility, and need for novelty, and my desire to not to one particular thing forever.

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