Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ice Storm ain't No Thang

We are getting ready for another taste of winter fun starting at around midnight tonight. As long as the power or worse, the internet doesn't go out everything will be fine. Should I put the tarp out and try for another ice rink? Maybe I should. Times like this make me re-adress my desire to put up some solar panels. Just incase we do have troubles I got some hot dogs we can cook in our fire place. I also got some stuff to make our cat a more weather proof house. I post that next. It's cheaper than buying a cat house, and looks better than a cardboard box. I also checked in with the grain company about driving jobs, they seemed interested, but we'll see. I miss driving, as you all know. After the ice storm, I need to get going on that garden plot. We dropped off the soil sample today, and I finished up the kitchen wall I was stripping and patching. It looks a lot better. I'll post the before and afters too. Basically the paint was peeling in huge sheets because some dumb ass had never heard of primer before. I scraped off all the peeling paint. Dug out and patched the nail bulges, cut, taped, and mudded the cracks. Sanded, sanded, sanded. Primed with Zinzer yesterday, and today painted it with a pint of new paint to match. The original paint I found in the garage was from 2010. Luckily this matched perfectly and the wall is as smooth as butter. Just might need another coat. One wall down, one million more things to go. Like the paint nightmare in the bedroom!

The utility workers are ready for any downed lines. Staged in the Wal-Mart parking lot, Madison, Georgia.

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