Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pervasive Moisture Issues, Cellulose Over Fill, And it's Effects on Wall and Paint Stability

The following images detail walls with a 3 fold problem, cellulose over fill creating bowing/bulging of the interior walls, poorly prepped walls before painting, or painting latex over old oil paint, and persistent unaddressed moisture issues from the crawl space, compromised foundation, inadequately ventilated attic, no exterior plywood, and gaps beneath the exterior siding boards.
Vertical cracks created from bulging walls do to cellulose over fill. The large brown area is where water damage from moisture soaked cellulose caused the paint to fail all the way down to the drywall paper.
The dark water stains radiate outward from the cellulose blow in holes to the right of the window. The cut out rectangle below the window at the baseboard has mold and crumbling drywall from moisture.
Moisture from the crawl space has caused mold and paint failure on this interior dividing wall.

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