Friday, January 3, 2014

Almost Like Home

Don't think just because you live south of the Mason Dixon line that the north has a monopoly on winter fun. While I'm sure folks in the northern southern states regularly enjoy winter splendor, i.e "Appalachian Christmas" ect. But what about us in the deep south? Must it always be about heat and humidity? No, every once an a while a cold air mass from the arctic makes it's way as far south as coastal Georgia. Middle Georgia will have snow every now and then, maybe not every year. Even if it doesn't snow, you might have a few days of freezing temps, so why not build yourself a home made skating rink like I did? I got off to a rocky start and squandered the first 2 cold evenings. I can't afford to squander any cold evening, because they won't last long. Here's what you need to make yourself a decent little rink. Or here's my recipe:
12x24 tarp
logs, 2x4s, or what ever you can use to prop up all 4 sides at least 3"
And of course a hose, der
From what I've read you need at least 3" of ice to support a grown up skater.

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