Sunday, January 5, 2014

So My Mom Thinks I'm Crazy

What else is new. I actually prayed to my deceits father last night. That was new. I don't believe you can communicate with deceased loved ones, but I figured, what they hey, maybe the man up stairs would be nice enough to relay it to him. No doubt he's out in the garage with Princess, working on God's model-T, making it shine just right. You see, I'm like my dad, not my mom. And my brother is like my mom, not dad. But growing up I guess he just didn't want to embrace that. I was the one who liked building models, using tools, building things, I was interested in fixing cars. Maybe he realized it when my brother and I both had our first cars. My brother's turned into a mobile trash dumb, but mine shined, even the rust shined. I would wash it, armor all the inside. He was so proud he even filled the tank for me once. So I knew, he'd understand my plight. We always liked Wisconsin, my mom and brother never seemed to attached to it. My mom openly hates it. I fled the stet in 2005 to get away from my ex-husband and all the disappointment, not the state itself. That move has retarded me in ways I have yet to recover from. I just thought all states where like Wisconsin, with good roads, industry, jobs that pay well, and offer benefits. Not so. Not so. Not so. But let's put money aside, because it's not about that. I just realized that even though the cost of living here is less, so is your paycheck. Everyone is breaking even, so live where you want to live. I miss my home. Nothing has been right since I left Badger and moved to Milwaukee in 2005. I should have bought the home from my mom. I guess I thought moving to a new place and hopefully on to better things would help me forget about my house. Well just like our move last year, it wasn't enough to offset the truth. I'm still homesick. I need my house, and it's location: 2 blocks from the new grade school/middle school, to blocks from the sledding hill, 2 blocks from the ice rink, and 2 blocks from work. Perfect. 4 season, each with it's own extremes. A Goodwill with the best stuff to this date.

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