Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Making the Most of Things

Just went out to check the ice again. It appears to be completely solid. I know the shallow spots are, but I can't say for sure about the deeper spots. Either way we should have a nice little rink to play on when we get up.
Regardless of my personal feelings about what ever circumstances I find myself in, I always try to make the most of it. Sometimes I'm so depressed that the most I can do is get out of bed and take a shower, maybe make it to the grocery store. But rare opportunities like this record cold spell, and a-typical weather pattern, has to be taken advantage of. I sprang to life organizing tarps, framework, hoses, and water. All in hopes of making my own ice skating rink. Even if it only lasts one day. Why even make the effort most would say. But I have to do it, or at least try. Because when you stop trying, you die. It's a survival adage. I know I could drive 45 minutes to Conyers and skate at a real rink. But there's something magical about being able to make a rink in your own yard. It's something I always wanted to do as a kid. We had a rink at the park a few blocks away, but I always wanted a rink in the back yard I could skate on all day and night, and come in when I was cold to warm up. We tried it once, but our yard had a downward slope into the neighbor's yard behind us, so we couldn't get the water to pool. All we needed was a tarp and some supports. I think my parents didn't really want to try. My mom insisted it would kill the grass. It's sad, for me anyway, to think that after tomorrow the weather will return to it's normal temperatures. 41 degrees and rainy. So I'll just have to enjoy it while it's here. Really appreciate the cold I took for granted. I have to admit, when the mercury drops below 30 I really come alive, I could stay out in it all day and night, as long as it's not too windy. Tomorrow might be a short lived triumph over some of the bad luck, failures, heart ache, and over all disappoint , and homesickness that continues to plague me. Tomorrow it will be like being home again, minus the snow, but you never know. I prayed for this cold air mass, maybe a little snow will come my way too. I've asked the Lord for bread, will he give me a stone? No, he will deliver me.

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