Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just What I was Prayin' For

No not more money, or a job, but a large sinking cold air mass from Canada, or even better, a permanent change in the weather patterns which would bring regular cold temperatures, freezing, and snow to the south. sure southerners hate me, but now they can hate me even more. Still, the forecast calls for some of that brutal midwestern weather to sink our way. It's already in the 20's tonight, and the high tomorrow is near 40, and low over night temps around 20 for the next few days and high day temps of around 40. I was hoping if I could flood the yard or some low spot, maybe by tomorrow I would have a nice little ice rink. Well the hose was too short, and the house doesn't have a spigot, so I had to run the house from the pump house. There are a few low spots in the front yard that pool water when it rains, but I couldn't reach them. The best spot in my estimation, would be the low area behind the barn. It's always colder there than any where else on the property. Again, the hose couldn't reach. I need to come up with a temporary, portable rink. Maybe plywood, and a tarp? I also don't want to drain the well dry trying, in vain, to recreate  winters of my Wisconsin childhood. It's what I really want. I'll just see how my first attempt looks when I get up tomorrow.

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