Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How I Spent my New Years Eve

Ran in the woods
Cleared the lot line path of debris
prepared a fire bundle for a new years fire
went to target to get discounted Christmas candy, lights, and decor
Ran away from a weirdo that was following me in Target
Listened to the entire Oceania album to and from Athens
Struggled to get my fire started
Coaxed and messed around with my fire for an hour
Listened to the coyotes wish us an early Happy New Year
Watched the New Year's ball drop
Kissed my husband and daughter
Kept going back out to the fire to put it out but couldn't bring myself to do it
Played Super Luigi World
Went back out side and called back and forth to the coyotes nearby.
Burned prices of paper with things I wanted to move on from in 2013
Welcomed 2014
Put the fire out.
Went back in to play Super Mario with my family.
Happy New Year

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