Monday, December 30, 2013

More Adventures in Vermiculite

I've been doing a little research, trying to find out who was the last person to know that there is vermiculite up there. I suspect it is the previous owner, who checked "I dunno" on the asbestos question. Now, how do I go about proving negligence or liability? I guess first things first, I need to have it tested. If I'm lucky, it will come back negative, via the "Cincinnati" method. Then I can have the results certified and everything is fine. But, if it comes back positive we might have a big expensive problem on our hands. Does liability fall with the home inspector who should have known that in an older home there is often a mix of insulation types and that some may not be visible? Or does it fall with the previous owns, who most likely knew since he was having the home renovated and did a lot if the work himself. Is it the contractor he hired? Or the insulation company? It becomes a game of, "I didn't see it there" but some one did. I need to put on my Ms. Marple hat and get to work. It's a small town, but you can't screw this Jew. Just kidding, I'm only Jewish in distant ancestry. Maybe no one knew, or just didn't know what the stuff was. You know, true ignorance. It's hard to say, and unfortunately for me, even harder to prove. I know what to look for next time. And, yes, you need to be there for the entire home inspection. You really need to baby sit those guys. There isn't a regulatory board for home inspectors, at least not in Georgia, so there's no QC for them either. Basically anyone can be one. I know they are only human, but this was a big mistake. Bigger than the  not up to code broken drain pipe for the laundry room, and bigger than the leaky toilet basin. No, this is a potential hazardous material, costly clean up, mistake. So yeah, I'm a little perturbed.

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