Monday, March 24, 2014

3.24.14 Progress

Is it raining yet? I keep hearing something that sounds like rain. Oh, it's the stove with the simmering glass. Now they are simmering in vinegar. Anyway. Today I kept on digging out the compacted clay where the herb garden will be. I tend to get a late start and work until dark. Plus, my daughter keeps telling me that, "Maybe I should stop working and play instead. Because playing is exercise, and work is not." She's 4.
The cat chased us around with a rat offering that she then played with herself before eating it. Ick. I also found a mole she had slain, but didn't want to eat, so I tossed it over the fence. Poor thing. Yesterday she brought me 2 mice. She's really helpful, or we have an infestation. I opened up the crawlspace so she can go under and hunt.
Then I worked on regrading the southeast side of the house. I think I'll plant sunflowers and wildflowers. Something not to picky about soil, and can help suck up some of that ever present moisture.
I'm still trying decide if I want raised beds or not.
Decisions, decisions.

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