Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today's Progress

It was another dreary rainy day. So I decided to poke my head into the attic and check for leaks. I didn't see any. While I was up there I decided that it was a good day to finish off the gable screens. To be honest though, it was atleast 10 degrees warmer up there than the outside, and I can only feel cool air when I get within 3 feet of the gable vents. It's pretty likely that I will need to install soffit vents, and I still don't get why they never did. Oh, they where cheap. Right. A ridge vent is basically issueless without soffit vents. I know people like to argue about it, but when you consider basic physics and thermodynamics, the reasons are clear. Plus, the temperature in the attic, the mildew on the rafters, all point to a lack of ventilation. The roof is only 3 years old, but I'm sure 3 Georgia summers has aged it faster than it would have with proper air circulation. Also, what's more expensive? Putting in the damn soffit vents, or replacing the roof way sooner than you should have to. A lot of things point to a cheap and shitty flip job. Flippers should not be aloud to exist. They are real estate parasites. Oily tricksters. 
Also while I was up there, I began bagging up the huge straw squirrel's nest. So far I've filled 4 garbage bags, and have atleast 2 more to go. How the inspector missed this I don't know. Oh, he never actually entered the attic. Useless! The nest is also next to the fireplace that does not have the insulation damed away from it. So the cellulose is just drifting into the fire box! Once it catches, the huge nest would be next, and voila, problem solved. The nest is also ontop of the recess lighting. Probably because it was warm. Geeez. I would not recommend Jared Marsden of Athens, GA. Not if you want a decent inspection. Go with a place that offered a gaurantee or something. Learn from my mistakes. OK?
Oh, and the chimney box has multiple water leaks. I'm not sure why. Sigh. 
Next I need to finish top plate sealing and sealing the gaps in the siding.

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