Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today's Progress

Today was a filming day which took up most of my time.
I worked away at the compacted clay where I want my herb garden. It's like cement! I mean, I've never ran into clay like this before. We have clay up north, but this is unreal. Like I'm hacking into some ancient cob structure or something. Who knows. Maybe a Cherokee dwelling or something. So I didn't get too far with that. I brought the old soda bottle from the barn to the house to look at it more. It's "The Double Line" from Athens, Ga. I'm not sure if it's old or what.
I also put all my blue glass pieces I've found while grading the southern end of the house. It looks like they took an old Ball canning jar, like the antique one I have, and melted it in a fire? Or there was a fire at one point. I have no clue. I'm constantly asking myself, "What the hell happened here?" I put all the pieces in a pot with some dish soap and have been letting them simmer to clean them off. I'm going to put them in a jar I found in the barn and put them on display. I also found some purple out house glass pieces too.
We went up to Home Depot in Athens for stuff, like drywall screws, and roofing screws. Three bags of Black Kow, more joint compound, and even free lumber scraps. I tried to exchanged my botched paint for an exchange but it didn't work out. In the mist of all my looking around for prices and other stuff I forgot roof flashing! I get so disoriented in big box stores. Now I'll have to go to Lowe's here, hopefully before it rains. It was suppose to start raining today and last about a week. I'm scrambling to get stuff in the ground and the roof squared away. And the master bedroom still isn't done. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to build out that patch more and I'll be done. I finally secured the drywall where is was rubbing against an old nail and I could patch it without the patch popping off. I tried to also secure the bouncy wall behind our bed, but in that case I think the wall is missing a horizontal piece of 2X4 and the drywall it self looks a little bowed. So there wasn't anything I could do at the moment. If I could some how anchor the two neighboring walls together and pull them tight, that would probably do it. Like the old homes with walls that are actually held together with long bolts with stars at the end on the outside. Look it up.

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