Friday, March 21, 2014

Today's Progress

Pop came to visit today, which was nice, so I didn't get tons done. But still made good progress in the barn. I dropped down some plants that can be used for raised beds or furntiture. Then put them on the lower level floor. I moved some rotted wood in the rot pile, and rearranged the drying hand hewn planks to get more air. 
Future goals:
I would like to strip all the paint off the original doors in the house to reveal the natural wood. I'd like to move the old door from the barn loft into the shed and strip the old paint on it. There's also another old door in the garage I need to move to the shed. Geeez, the house is only 1082 sqft. And already has 7 doors! Where did the other 2 go? Actually I know. One to the kitchen was removed but the frame is still there. I'd like to remove the frame and finish it out. And another went to the mud room. It was completely removed and finished out. The frame and door are in the garage.
Another thing I'd like to do is just wander the land with a metal detector like some crazy old retired person looking for gold on the beach. But I bet there's some interesting metal out here. Maybe some civil war stuff. Or old farm junk. I found a big metal gear by the garage. What was that for?

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