Friday, March 21, 2014

Today's Progress

Sealed the soffit/facial gap with flex foam, still need to fill the smaller gaps with silicone. Should I have screwed them together instead? May have to at some point. Still learning, and no one's helping. No mentors. My dad long passed away. Though he never let me near his tools. So I'd sneak. And Brad is far away. So it's self taught carpentry, and construction. Here we go!
Then I got to work digging up the spot for the herb garden is to be. Lots of roots with no apparent source. Some left over gravel and cement dust. And of course really hard clay. All in all though I think there's enough depth to plant. 
I also got to work moving most of those damn rocks they put around the house to help with drainage, but really doesn't. 
Then I added some of last years potting soil to the top of the compost heap and spread it around.
Lastly, I added another layer to the wall patch. Painted over the joint compound that tested positive for asbestos with Zinzer and mudded it.
I really need to start bringing the old wood in from the barn and into the shed so I can repurpose it. Make shelves or atleast get the raised beds in place. My sprouts need a home, and quick!

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